Deep provides every Young Author Scholarship at absolutely no cost to the kids, parents or schools. Your gift can bring this award-winning program to talented young authors in your community.

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Deep Patrons help kids write and publish their first stories. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli all had patrons, and now with your help, deserving young people in Savannah can have patrons too.

The cost to sponsor a Young Author Scholarship to Deep’s award-winning program is only $228 annually, but with the help of our Deep Patrons, we provide it at absolutely no cost to kids, parents, or schools.

Deep’s Patrons make a monthly or annual recurring gift to support young writers at a time when they need it most—middle school.  Become a Deep Patron by clicking on the button below. (You'll be prompted to select your gift and frequency. $19 a month—or $228 annually—sponsors a scholarship for one Deep youth.)

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